FIN REVIEW: Song and the Sorrow a tribute to troubled father’s legacy

This beautiful portrait of a lauded songwriter and his personal struggles is portrayed in a magnificent, touching manner through his daughter’s quest for understanding.

Gene MacLellan was an international gem, and his songs Snowbird and Put Your Hand In My Hand propelled him into a successful music career.

But this National Film Board documentary shows how his mental health struggles affected his children, including his Juno-award winning daughter Catherine MacLellan.

Through interviews with his family and friends — and with her own thoughts, feelings and emotions interspersed — his daughter gets a handled on exactly who her father was, both on and off the stage.

P.E.I. filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes works throughout the 43-minute feature film to open the curtain on mental illness and its effects on those affected and their loved ones.

It’s a significant film and packs a wallop for its entire run-time. A must-see documentary.

4/5 Stars

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