FIN REVIEW: Bel Canto a moving portrait of hostages and their captors

This film about hostages, their captors and the humanity they come to share is one of the most powerful films to come about this year.

Adapted from a popular novel by Ann Patchett, this film brings depth and character development to a topic that could have easily became overdramatic.

Roxanne Coss (Julianne Moore) is playing for a number of dignitaries in South America as a birthday gift for industrialist Katsumi Hosokawa (Ken Watanabe) when they are all taken prison by rebels.

In what was initially an attack to take the president, who dropped out as an attendee at the last minute, the guerrilla terrorists then decide they want all their brothers and sisters who were imprisoned let go in exchange for the hostages.

Paul Weitz, the writer and director here, began his career with such fare as American Pie, and has gone on to do decent dramatic films like About A Boy and In Good Company.

He proves with this film — and this incredible cast — that he’s got the goods and a flair for bringing humanity to his subjects.

Moore and Watanabe are incredible, and the film will draw you in and refuse to let go.

This was my first huge surprise at FIN, and it was a welcome one.

4/5 Stars

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