FIN REVIEW: Documentarian befriends his criminal suspects in 20th Circuit

As journalists and objective media, we’re always told not to get too close to our subjects.

But in the case of documentary filmmaker Hesam Eslami and the outlaw teenagers he chronicles for six years, the regular rules don’t apply.

The group of boys, fearless leader Ehsan ahead of them, rob stereo systems out of cars in Iran and even graduate to stealing full cars while in their teens.

The kids become trapped between lucrative cash coming from their street activity and the need and wanting for a better, safer existence.

Oddly enough, filmmaker Hesam Eslami asked to film these guys after he found out they broke into his own car.

As things get close, relationships come and go and the documentarian falls deeper in with his subjects, we see a humanity to these boys and begin to root for them.

It’s a spectacle of a film, in Persian with English subtitles, and it will keep you enthralled until the credits roll.

4/5 Stars

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