REVIEW: Jennifer Garner’s screen presence lost in formulaic Peppermint

Jennifer Garner has reigned supreme as the bad-ass female action star since her time on Alias.

Even her turn as Marvel heroine Elektra was hailed, despite a solo film that was underwhelming overall.

She’s been largely absent from the big screen for a bit, but to see gun-toting Garner go after gang members was reason enough to get me in a cinema seat.

Add in Pierre Morel, the director of Taken, the film that turned Liam Neeson into a bankable action star, and I thought I could at least expect a girl-power version of that hit.

What I got was a film the underutilized its incredible star at every turn, dialed down on violence in a film about gangland murders, and took too much time between action sequences.

Garner plays a woman who survives a drive-by shooting by Cartel members, one which killed her young daughter and husband.

After justice doesn’t take its course and corruption takes over, Garner’s character goes underground, and five years later, all those who could have helped but didn’t start turning up dead.

The problem, however, is we’re never given enough character development to feel for Garner and her struggle, and when the action does come, it’s not engaging enough to capture attention for long.

We’ve seen this movie, from this director, in way better standing before. I only wish Garner’s action come back had a little more to it.

As it stands, this is a lacklustre return to form.

1.5/5 Stars

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