REVIEW: Slender Man thin on plot, moderate on frights

The real-life lore of the Slender Man — a mysterious figure who haunts and kidnaps kids who call him to life — is turned into a ho-hum film here.

After years of stories, legends and sightings, the film doesn’t manage to live up to its spooky source material, but it’s definitely not as bad as critics are making it out to be.

It follows four young girls in a small  Massachusetts town who summon Slender Man as a joke, and then one-by-one are driven man by his influence on their lives.

The stars are mostly forgettable, except for Joey King, who is carving out a great start to her career. She shows considerable depth for an actress of just 19, and we can expect big things from her to come.

Director Sylvain White — known mostly for directing episodic television — makes this feel more like an A&E true crime story, and not in a good way.

It’s by far not the worst horror movie to come out this year, and when the frights come, they’ll genuinely make you gasp.

But a better movie could have been made here, and that’s slightly disappointing for me as a horror fan.

2/5 Stars

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