REVIEW: Mile 22 deserves to be the next Bourne

Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg have been making spectacular films together since 2013.

Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day have all been fantastic portraits of hero Americans, and have captured audiences.

So if I had to pick a current actor-director duo to start an action franchise, they would be at the top of that list.

Their new effort, Mile 22, has all the makings of a franchise starter, but the dismal first week numbers and savage critics’ reviews may have stopped plans in their tracks.

I, for one, will say I absolutely loved this film. It follows an Jimmy Silva (Wahlberg), an intelligence agent who, along with his crew, is tasked with getting an asset out of the country.

It’s a 22 mile trek from headquarters to the liason point, and with a foreign government ready to stop at nothing to neutralize the threat, Wahlberg goes into serious action star mode.

For the first time since his Oscar nom for The Departed, Wahlberg is in full-on, fast-talking, rough-and-tumble tough guy mode, and it works. It’s nice to see him flex those acting muscles we all know he has.

With a supporting cast including the venerable John Malkovich, The Walking Dead’s resident zombie slayer Lauren Cohan, and an impressive turn from action star Iko Uwais, everyone gets their fair share of throwdowns here.

Mile 22 is a film that surprised me — not only because it was so much better than expected — but because it’s the first film in a long time that managed to keep my attention every single second.

It’s another in a long history of stunning films from Berg and Wahlberg, and may go down as the most underrated film of the summer.

4/5 Stars




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