REVIEW: Little Italy brings big smiles

There are very few occasions during which someone will encounter a below-par piece of pizza pie.

Like your run-of-the-mill slice, this romantic-comedy is average genre fare with a few decent bits of flair and flavour thrown in.

The best thing Little Italy has going for it is two leads who share some amiable, good-natured chemistry, and a supporting cast that prop this film up with their entire might.

It’s a charming Canadian film about two former friends and pizza shop owners who become next-door adversaries during a decades-long secret feud.

What was once a prestigious two-family business is now two separate, middling entities, marred by in-fighting and childish prank wars.

But when hometown boy Leo (Hayden Christensen) rekindles his childhood romance with visiting aspiring chef Nikki (Emma Roberts), they have to hope their love will bring the families back together.

I have to be honest, this full comes with a side of extra cheese.

However, with a strong supporting cast, including hilarious performances from veterans Jane Seymour, Andrea Martin and Danny Aiello, this one is worth a recommendation to those who love the genre.

It’s a whole lot of love, a bucket of laughs and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But sometimes you need something just like this to cleanse your palate and make you smile. You could do a whole lot worse than this slice of Little Italy.

3.5/5 Stars


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