REVIEW: The Meg chomps its way to summer entertainment crown

Opening wide last week was the gripping, tongue-firmly-in-cheek creature feature The Meg, a film I enjoyed far more than I should have.

The Meg follows an ocean technology crew who discover another layer of sea lower than even the Marianas Trench. But upon this discovery, the crew down in the depths are stalked by a 25-foot prehistoric shark thought long-extinct.

With action star Jason Statham as the haunted diver tasked with rescuing the crew, it’s clear the plot isn’t why people went out in swaths to see this.

The special effects — including those teeth on that insane, terrifying shark — are incredible, and director Jon Turteltaub is no stranger to self-aware, cheesy action films.

Any man who can make National Treasure or 3 Ninjas even mildly entertaining will do wonders with a shark film — and though the PG rating neuteres the blood and gore — there’s still a whole plethora of scares to enjoy.

With an eclectic cast including Ruby Rose, Cliff Curtis, Bingbing Li, Page Kennedy and Rainn Wilson, it’s a summer movie that entertains exactly like it’s supposed to.

The Meg is a shark movie that actually works, and though it’s no Jaws or even Deep Blue Sea, it’s a thrill ride you won’t regret taking.

4/5 Stars


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