REVIEW: Crazy Rich Asians almost lives up to high expectations

Crazy Rich Asians is gaining cred and kudos for its positive portrayal of Asian characters.

It’s also the first major studio feature since 1993’s The Joy Luck Club to have an all-Asian cast, and all this is amazing for representation in Hollywood.

I tried to put the huge impacts of the film’s trailblazing debut and box-office prowess out of my head, and what I find was a film that succeeds on its own merits.

It’s a hilarious, well-acted, resuscitation of the romantic-comedy genre, and though it doesn’t reinvent anything, it reminded me why I loved seeing love bloom on screen in the first place.

Based on the best-selling novel, it follows a humble, wealthy man who moved to New York and met the love of his life.

But when he brings his American-born Chinese girlfriend to Singapore to meet his family, issues of class and purity are brought forth by his mothers, cousins and even his jealous ex-girlfriend.

Henry Golding is fantastic and as handsome as any leading man to emerge int he last 10 years as Nick Young, prodigal son in one of the wealthiest families in Singapore.

Constance Wu displays charisma and exudes charm here as Rachel Chu, his unassuming girlfriend. She’s vulnerable in the beginning of our film, but the strength she acquires along the way leads to a fantastic transformation.

Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Keong Jeong and a slew of other Asian actors and actresses are all fantastic.

This is a wonderful film, and my only wish was it did a little more to push aware from genre conventions.

Other than that, Crazy Rich Asians is a film impossible not to get emotional about and during, and if you see it, you will enjoy it.

That’s a guarantee.

3.5/5 Stars

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