We have an eclectic mix of movies for your viewing pleasure at home this week. One of the most subversive, foul-mouthed super-anti-heroes is back in a jaw-dropping sequel, the God’s Not Dead franchise just won’t stop, and Show Dogs proves exactly why canine humour grows thin fast.

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Deadpool 2

I reviewed this one in theatres, so I’ll drop a few quotes, but head on over to my original review for more.

“This slapstick, jive-talking, full-nonsense, R-rated superhero is at his comic best here, and somehow manages to improve upon the near-perfect original film.

Ryan Reynolds — who embodies the best parts of the Merc With the Mouth — gets a writing credit here on the funniest, most violent comedy of the year.

The Vancouver-born stud makes the best of his screenwriting talents and subversive wit here, dropping pop culture references like bombs, and smashing through the cinematic fourth wall constantly.”

5/5 Stars


Show Dogs

The biggest problem I had with Show Dogs is that we’ve already, as an audience, seen it before, in much better circumstances.

Turner & Hooch, K-9, and even See Spot Run are not high-grade films, but they all have one thing in common: even at their worst, they’re not nearly as bad as a second of the running-time of this film.

When you’re using rapper Ludacris as the main voice for your cop-dog unironically, there’s your first problem. Will Arnett is the straight-laced human cop, and for all the hijinks, he doesn’t manage a laugh either.

It’s a film not even your kids will enjoy, because it’s too dumb to make sense, but too boring to make any real impression on easily-distracted toddlers.

I gotta say, I never expected much, but when your voice cast includes Stanley Tucci, Gabriel Iglesias, Shaq, Alan Cumming, and RuPaul herself, I figured I’d get at least a few grins.

1.5/5 Stars



God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

Your mothers always told you that to avoid conflict at a dinner party, don’t talk politics or religion.

So how can a movie based entirely on the church’s right to preach God’s word in today’s America be so trite and inoffensive?

In fact, the only thing that did rattle in my brain over the 90 minutes I sleep-watched was how John Corbett is ever going to be employable again.

This was a poorly acted, cookie cutter script film that felt like it was ripped from a bible lesson, not made for cinema screens.

The politics or religious overtones didn’t offend one bit, but the wasted effort sure did.

1/5 Stars


That’s it for this week’s edition. Check back next Tuesday for reviews on RBG, Book Club, Tag and Upgrade.

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