REVIEW: The Spy Deserved To Be Dumped

In the film world, there are few movies so nauseatingly stupid that they’re hard to even sit through.

The Spy Who Dumped Me is — by far — one of the most knee-bounce, watch-check inducing films I’ve ever seen, where every second you spend in the theatre feels like a wasted moment.

This is a action-comedy that somehow manages to be too blatantly violent and exploitative to even allow the comedy to land.

Brutality and belly laughs barely mix well, and considering this was supposed to be a spy movie-send up and not a black comedy, nothing works.

This is a film without a guiding light that has more awkward tonal shifts per 15-minute interval that any other movie I’ve ever seen.

With a double-team of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon as regular girls who go on a mission after it’s revealed one’s ex-boyfriend is, in fact, an agent, you’d expect some hijinks.

Instead I got two — count them, two — belly laughs, and more groans and sighs than I could rightly be okay with during a film.

It was more intent on shock punches to the female lead’s faces, blood and gore than any actual storyline.

There’s a difference between heading to a Tarantino flick, and knowing what you’re getting into, and going to a young, female-marketed film and seeing the type of brutality that would make Liam Neeson blush.

It was a film that failed on all fronts. The action and gore had little purpose, the story was non-existent, these female comedic forces were out of their element, and it literally was not funny.

Do yourself a favour: dump your plans to see this film and go do, or see, anything else.

1/5 Stars

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