REVIEW: Whitney a difficult glimpse into troubled singer’s life

This spellbinding documentary on megastar Whitney Houston is an emotional showcase of the star’s life.

Whitney — equal parts footage and interviews with family, friends and colleagues — is a portrayal of a woman who had such success.

However, it also delves into the deep personal struggles — with drugs, her abusive husband Bobby Brown and more.

It chronicles her childhood years looking up to her singer mother, her difficulties with her family, her early career start, superstardom, and the difficulties that came with it.

You’ll truly get a feel for Houston’s ups and downs, and have a new appreciation for her tragic drug death. She was — and remains — a stunning icon.

You’d be remiss not to catch a film that captures the essence — for better or worse — of this beautiful icon.

It’s a difficult watch, but one worth it.

3.5/5 Stars

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