REVIEW: MI6 is the exhilarating action event of the year

If Mission Impossible: Fallout truly is Ethan Hunt’s swan song, then it’s a good thing it’s the most incredible film in the franchise’s 22-year history.

Tom Cruise — at 56-years-old — still tumbles, rumbles and kicks ass like no one else, and he quite literally outdoes even himself here.

Between helicopter stunts, high-flying acrobatics and everything else he manages, he proves his is, and always will be, one of Hollywood’s favourite movie stars.

He’s joined by the hilarious Simon Pegg, the always-welcome Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson in a fantastic, heroine role, and Alec Baldwin in a showy supporting turn.

But honestly, the stars of the show here are Michelle Monaghan in a wonderful cameo role and Henry Cavill — his mustache especially — which elevate the proceeding considerably.

Following a number of high-profile duds and some truly terrible acting as Superman in Justice League, Cavill proves he has some serious chops here.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a film for every action buff and genre fan, and one where the action has a purpose.

MI6 is a film with characters you can root for, and a plot that continuously keeps you guessing.

Your mission, and you really should accept it, is to see this as soon as humanly possible.

5/5 Stars

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