REVIEW: Christopher Robin a honeypot of delight

Sometimes nostalgia breeds a beautiful amount of happiness, and man, did I need a jaunt back to the 100 Acre Wood this weekend.

In this film, which reunites our eclectic cast of speaking animal characters with Christopher Robin, the amount of joy that transpired was infectious and inspiring.

This film landscape leaves little room for films that evoke our childhood sense of wonder, but this little tale makes up for it.

Disney and director Marc Forster (best known for Finding Neverland) portray Christopher Robin as an adult who is consistently choosing his work over his wife and daughter.

But it is a fateful encounter with Pooh and the gang that may change his perspective for the better.

With Ewan McGregor in the fantastic title role, this is a little adventure you won’t be able to resist.

The creatures of the 100 Acre Wood are as amiable as ever, except for Eeyore, who carries his own charms.

This is a perfect movie for your kids, and if you’re open to it, it’ll remind you exactly what’s important in life.

4/5 Stars

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