REVIEW: Far On Foot a near-masterpiece

The performances in director Gus Van Sant’s tremendous drama are so good that the actors completely embody the characters they play.

It’s not three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix strugglng to overcome addiction from a wheelchair — it’s cartoonist John Callahan, consistently willing to blame his struggles on others.

We don’t see Jonah Hill as his flighty, spiritual AA sponsor, but the shapeshifting actor embodies Donnie, for all his kindnesses and faults.

This entire cast, which also includes Rooney Mara and Jack Black — in his most adult supporting performance ever — are chameleons, and Van Sant has created a deeply affecting film you won’t be able to help but sit up and pay attention to.

This story of alcoholism, and the ways it can ruin your life is both a testament to the power of alcoholism and the need to take that power back.

Van Sant — director of Milk and Good Will Hunting — is no stranger to blending comedy and drama, but his best movie in a decade is truly pitch-perfect.

It will have you laughing joyously one moment, and in the depths of despair with Callahan the next.

Van Sant, Phoenix, and an unbelievable performance from Jonah Hill all deserve notice come awards season.

This is a truly fantastic, wonder of a film, and days later, I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot isn’t always easy to watch, but sometimes even disastrous events can be absolutely beautiful.

This is a film you absolutely can’t miss. Not by a longshot.

5/5 Stars

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