REVIEW: Entertaining Equalizer sequel doesn’t quite compare to original

Denzel Washington comes back for his first-ever sequel, and almost matches the original with Equalizer 2.

He re-teams with Antoine Fuqua, the genre director responsible for other Denzel hits like Magnificent Seven and Oscar-winner Training Day.

Fuqua provides an action-packed sequel and allows Washington’s natural charisma to shine once again. Equalizer was a brutal, difficult film to watch, but it certainly put the action forward.

However, without a strong premise like that of the original, this four-year delayed film doesn’t give Denzel’s character Robert McCall the same humanity.

His motivations are foggier, and Chloe Grace Moretz is sorely missed here. Also, supporting actors Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo are basically wasted here, which is disappointing, considering their pedigree.

Washington is unbelievable, as usual, and he kicks some serious ass here, but it’s not as good as it rightly could have been.

3.5/5 Stars

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