REVIEW: Ant-Man sequel blends action and comedy effortlessly

Ant-Man has been the much-needed comic relief in the Marvel Universe since his debut in 2015.

With this sequel, the franchise serves as a palate cleanser from the dark Avengers: Infinity War.

Ant-Man & the Wasp picks up in the time after Captain America: Civil War and before Infinity War, with the titular hero (played with amiable charm and wit by Paul Rudd) under house arrest for his involvement in Civil War’s Germany proceedings.

But he finds himself in a jam when old cohorts Hank Pym and daughter Hope need his help to bring the Pym matriarch back from the quantum realm.

Trapped between doing what’s best for his daughter and being there for old friends, Ant-Man finds himself facing new foes (wonderful, entertaining ones) and wrestling with issues within.

The cast is fantastic again, with Rudd leading the charge. Evangeline Lily gives him a run for his money as his partner-in-fighting-crime Hope.

Michael Douglas, Michael Pena, Bobby Cannavale and Judy Greer all manage great scenes, and build upon characters introduced in the 2015 original.

Newcomers Walton Goggins (as a villain attempting to gain access to the quantam lab), Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Pfeiffer, in a great cameo, are all fantastic, and add something fresh.

Hannah John-Kamen also plays Ghost, a conflicted young girl attempting to reverse a detrimental affliction through the quantum lab. She’s the main villain, and yet, has a sympathetic backstory that makes this character the strongest in the film.

Ant-Man 2 is hilarious, touching and comes with a built-in appeal Paul Rudd brings to every feature.

It’s a much-needed light-hearted romp for the MCU, and it’s done in typical spectacular fashion by this studio.

4/5 Stars

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