REVIEW: First Purge not the best or worst purge

Now that Blumhouse’s Purge franchise has had three films, they’ve gone the all-too-safe prequel route to try to mine more money from consumers.

With the First Purge, they head back to the beginning, where the Founding Fathers of America have taken control in a difficult economic climate.

They decide to use Staten Island for the first-ever purge, and see how people participate.

There are some interesting ideas and concepts about human nature here, and the whole idea of one night where all crime is legal is one that doesn’t seem so far off based on our president in the U.S.

This franchise — if nothing else — has made me wonder if people would release all their anger and frustrations better if they had a designated, sanctioned night to do it.

But mostly, though, the Purge movies are meant to be gore-porn entertainment. This one is certainly bloody, vile and along the lines of the others, albeit it’s becoming a little tired.

Four movies in, and there’s nothing new. The kills are still stunning, the visuals horrific, and the societal issues still reflected upon.

But The First Purge neither succeeds as well as the original did or goes B-movie enough to match the sequels.

In staying firmly between knowingly silly and shockingly serious, this horror film never quite finds its purpose. Perhaps that’s the ultimate downfall of the First Purge.

2/5 Stars

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