REVIEW: Upgrade the best sci-fi film of 2018

Of all the spectacular, visionary films I’ve seen, nothing has hit me in the gut quite like Upgrade.

This sci-fi/horror picture comes from Blumhouse, the studio behind The Purge and Happy Death Day.

But while this one has the style of those, it has the wit of the Oscar-nominated Jordan Peele-helmed Get Out, also a Blumhouse release.

Leigh Whannell, the writer of the Saw and Insidious franchises, both writes and directs here, and shows he truly has some sheer brilliance to go with his gore.

Upgrade is a high-tech revenge tale, about a man left scarred after the attack that irreparably wounded him and killed his wife.

When the technophobe realizes a new microchip can help him find his wife’s killers, he dives into a new, brave reality, but he may get more than he bargained for.

Logan Marshall-Green is an underappreciated actor who stole girls’ hearts in FOX drama The O.C. in the mid-2000’s. He’s gone on to build his resume with Prometheus, The Invitation, the latest Spider-Man, and now this role.

He is fantastic beyond belief here, showing both grief, fortitude, and a presence as an action star all in one singular role. He’s a dynamite character actor who better get more work, and soon.

Upgrade is just that: a serious overhaul of this sluggish summer season, and a film worth catching at any cost.

5/5 Stars

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