REVIEW: Deadpool 2 surpasses the original in laughs, subversive wit

Not since Empire Strikes Back has a sequel delivered so stunningly as Deadpool 2 manages to here.

This slapstick, jive-talking, full-nonsense, R-rated superhero is at his comic best here, and somehow manages to improve upon the near-perfect original film.

Ryan Reynolds — who embodies the best parts of the Merc With the Mouth — gets a writing credit here on the funniest, most violent comedy of the year.

The Vancouver-born stud makes the best of his screenwriting talents and subversive wit here, dropping pop culture references like bombs, and smashing through the cinematic fourth wall constantly.

With an amazing villain in Cable (played impeccably by Josh Brolin), the film ups the ante constantly, goes for broke, and manages to hit the slots of audience delight hard.

It’s self-referential, makes fun of the X-Men, Marvel, DC, itself and even Reynolds’ career, and does it all with a self-deprecating swagger you can barely believe was made possible.

It follows a heartbroken, destitute Deadpool as he tries to help a young mutant escape from time-traveling Cable.

With his team, X-Force, he fights to ensure the boy stays alive, at any cost. It’s a simple plot that literally gets dropped on its head so many times, you learn to just expect the unexpected.

Deadpool 2 isn’t high art, but it sure as hell is the most entertaining movie of the year. It’s the best comedy of 2018, and you’re going to have the best time possible in the theatre.

Soak it in with Reynolds, and enjoy every second of this near-perfect picture.

5/5 Stars

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