REVIEW: Life Of The Party a bit too tame

Melissa McCarthy is at it again with this bland, boring version of a sorority movie.

In odd fashion, she plays the straight-woman in a form that truly doesn’t suit her best talents.

McCarthy is the female version of Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley: A wise-cracking, mile-a-minute riot who’s as unpredictable as possible.

She plays a mother who goes back to finish her archaeology degree after her husband leaves her. The catch is she goes back to university at the same school as her freshman daughter.

This is another vehicle she and director (and husband) Ben Falcone wrote together, but it’s by far their least interesting effort.

There are some great moments and McCarthy is the master of physical comedy, but she doesn’t give it her all her.

Far more interesting are Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen and Molly Gordon.

Perhaps the best part of the movie is Saturday Night Live’s Heidi Garner, as her Goth roommate.

It’s a movie with a few belly laughs but not enough to fill the weak story.

2/5 Stars

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