REVIEW: Rampage is more like a pleasure cruise

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has built a steadfast presence as one of the most marketable movie stars today.

He’s saved bloated franchises, given broad comedic performances and showed dramatic chops.

So it makes sense he’d take aim at the most ridiculed film sub-genre and try to make a hit. With this video game adaptation, he mostly succeeds.

The performance is far from his best — in a year where he dominated — but Johnson lifts a mediocre, B-movie script above normal genre fare.

The film about genetically mutated animals — including ape George — who wreak havoc on Chicago.

Johnson reunites with San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton here, and though the proceedings certainly aren’t highbrow, they entertain those looking to see a silly action flick.

It’s all run-of-the-mill, but it’s fun, and sometimes that’s all a film is going for.

P.S., any time we can get Jeffrey Dean Morgan on-screen is a win for everyone.

3/5 Stars

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