REVIEW: I Feel Pretty reaps laughs from a shallow pool

Amy Schumer has long been a passionate, difficult and courageous presence for both female empowerment and vitriol from her detractors.

No topic — and no taboo — is off limits for the comedian, and with her latest effort, she tackles body image in a grand way.

The problem with the well-intentioned film — about a woman with self-esteem issues who hits  her head and suddenly believes she’s been transformed into a beautiful goddess — is that it aggrandizes the very barriers it’s trying to break down.

The jokes in the beginning are too easy — the cast are laughing at Schumer and her antics, not with her.

They aren’t applauding her confidence in the beginning — they’re begrudging her for daring to do the things she succeeds at while not looking like a supermodel.

To say there’s a mean streak in this comedy is to do it an injustice, but to relinquish it of the responsibilities its premise takes on is all too easy.

Schumer is a talented writer and actress, and she has succeeded because — as her character Renee realizes — confidence is the most attractive thing anyone can have.

She stands on her head and gives another great comedic performance. Michelle Williams and Rory Scovel are also wonderful, but the film belongs to this lead.

I Feel Pretty has some undeniably hilarious sequences, Schumer and Scovel have great chemistry, and it’s not a bad night out at the movies.

As popcorn entertainment, it’s definitely an enjoyable romp with a sentimental streak.

But if you’re hoping for some great, genuine commentary with your comedy, look elsewhere.

2.5/5 Stars



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