SPOTLIGHT: Earth: Seen From The Heart a resounding call for change

This French-subtitled ecology film comes to select theatres this month, just in time for Earth Day.

After strong showings in Quebec markets, the film will now seek success in other areas, and this documentary is an evocative piece of cinema.

Director Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol touches on everything from climate change to human views on animals and how we as a species regard our surroundings.

This is a wide-reaching effort that entertains as much as it teaches.

It’s thought provoking while never quite reaching the preachy undertones of similar, higher-budgeted efforts like An Inconvenient Truth.

With engaging interviews, and the predominance of French-Canadian astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, this is a surprising film, and one that touches on the pulse of society’s ideals more than a few times.

It opens through Cineplex Events in the following locations on April 29, 2018:
Halifax / Parklane
Toronto / Yonge & Dundas
Vancouver / The Park Theatre
Calgary / Eau Claire Cinemas
Winnipeg / McGillivray
Ottawa / South Keys
Oakville / Winston Churchill
Peterborough / Galaxy Cinemas Peterborough
Sudbury / SilverCity Sudbury
Windsor / SilverCity Windsor

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