REVIEW: Quiet Place a heart-pounding thriller

Rarely does a thriller attack the senses like A Quiet Place.

In a film where silence is king, you’ll be able to hear a pin drop in even the busiest of theatres as your heart pounds with suspense.

John Krasinski — who you’ll remember as funnyman Jim from The Office — pulls triple duty as the writer-director-star of the best genre piece to hit the market in years.

It’s 2020, and terrifying creatures skulk the earth in the shadows, their auditory senses acting as their killer instinct.

The slightest sound — a scream or a breaking glass — could bring them to hunt.

Kraskinski and real-life wife Emily Blunt play parents who will do anything to protect their children as they search for a weakness in the monsters.

This is a pulse-pounding, infinitely bad-ass feature that’s the very definition of slick. It’s also destined to end up on my best-of list come December.

Strap in tight, grip your cup-holder and revel in A Quiet Place.

5/5 Stars


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