REVIEW: Blockers a hilarious comedy with a social conscience

In its glory, Blockers could have been the next Hangover: a movie so damn funny that substance was an afterthought.

But with the directing debut of Kay Cannon — writer of the Pitch Perfect trilogy — there’s an intelligence and conscience behind this teen sex comedy that leaves its mark long after the credits.

Part American Pie for women, part Neighbours, this romp about three teenaged girls intent on losing their virginity on prom night — and the concerned parents trying to stop them — is the smartest comedy in years.

John Cena is in his glory with a breakout role here, with the consistent Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz holding their own as well.

Rife with anatomy gags, toilet humour and spitfire dialogue, it manages to surprise with feminist ideals, forward-thinking morals and a social pulse.

It’s equal parts silly and serious, making for a film that’s tonally just perfect.

4/5 Stars

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