REVIEW: Miracle Season sticks to sports film tropes, but more than delivers on heart

In a world where people fight to be extraordinary, we’re taught to defy convention.

But sometimes in film — as is the case with The Miracle Season — sticking to tried-and-true just works.

While Miracle Season won’t make any best-of lists this year, it’s certainly never disappointing. It does go through the sports drama motions, reminiscent of similar fare like 2008’s We Are Marshall.

But for all the cliches packed into it, this real-life story of a volleyball team winning Iowa state championships back-to-back despite their captain’s untimely death also packs an emotional wallop.

Erin Moriarty — best known as a recurring character on Marvel show Jessica Jones — comes into her own as a girl trying to keep it together after the loss of a friend.

In this dramatization, the attention to real-life details is the most striking thing about the whole silver screen affair.

Helen Hunt makes a successful return to the silver screen as an embattled, awkward coach in her first mainstream role since 2012’s The Sessions.

William Hurt is especially good in a quietly emotional role as the father of tragically late Caroline ‘Line’ Found.

The Miracle Season won’t stick in your mind for years to come, but it’s a tender portrait of a beautiful story and the mark one girl’s legacy can leave on the life of many.

Bring some tissue, don’t think too much about it, and enjoy.

3.5/5 Stars

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