REVIEW: Beau Dick doc a deep portrayal of influential artist

The life of First Nations activist and artist Beau Dick is immortalized in this beautiful, provocative film.

Like the cultural landmark pieces he created, his life story is as beautiful, magnetic and moving as can be expected.

Maker of Monsters is one of the best documentaries to come about in recent memory, and limited showings are well worth seeking out.

The film covers his entire life, from his early years and struggles to the art, culture and fights for change.

Of interest to filmmakers LaTiesha Ti’st’tla and Natalia Bolla was also his 2013 walk to the British Columbia parliament building, and the copper-cutting ceremony meant to bring shame to the government.

Though Dick died of a stroke at age 61 last year, this film does his legacy justice, and is a pure, educational and deeply satisfying endeavour.

4/5 Stars


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