REVIEW: Action-packed Raider best video game adaptation ever

After a beloved video game and two average-to-middling movies, Tomb Raider is back as a reboot iteration.

It’s part of a adaptation lexicon that churns out embarrassingly bad films based on beloved game characters, and manages to be the best ever.

Star Alicia Vikander brings new life to the role, while raising the overall quality of this action flick far above normal genre fare.

The origin piece that marks the first 40 minutes of the film is necessary — while testing the viewer’s patience, but once the action gets rolling, Tomb Raider is a heck of a thrill ride.

The end is among the tightest, most entertaining in years, with a final third that provides more thrills, chills and climactic moments than many in the genre.

With a plethora of great supporting performances from Dominic West, Kristin Scott Thomas and Walton Goggins in a villainous role, everyone helps raise the stakes for this movie.

But it’s Vikander who’s the anchor for this adventure flick, and she’s more than up to the challenge.

4/5 Stars

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