REVIEW: Thoroughbreds a twisted acting showcase

Thoroughbreds is the type of film that will ostracize a fair bit of its audience, but those who love it will champion the madcap filmmaking.

First-time director Cory Finley takes this pitch-black film and somehow manages to inject it with some unexpected laughs and triumphs.

The film explores the friendship between two loner girls, and their plot to kill the affluent, wealthy and endlessly creepy stepfather of one of them.

It is a piece of work that — if you let it — can be both tantalizing and traumatizing, scary and funny. It’s a multifaceted character work with a rich story.

The performances from co-leads Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy are astounding, and the only downbeat is that the late Anton Yelchin didn’t get more screen-time in his last film.

It isn’t for everyone, but Thoroughbreds may just be the most interesting film to come out this year.

4/5 Stars

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