REVIEW: J. Law is raw, calculated in difficult Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence had made a career out of her bold choice in roles.

Though espionage thriller Red Sparrow never quite comes full circle, it’s a hell of a showcase for Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl.

Dominika Egorova has her ballet dreams ripped away with one terrible accident, and is left with an impossible choice from her domineering uncle.

She must become a sparrow — a Russian spy who uses sexuality is nothing more than a tool to be utilized — or her ill mother will lose the care she’s come to expect.

It’s a murderous, bloody, truly uncomfortable film to watch at times. A short, relieving cameo from Mary Louise Parker provides the film’s only levity three quarters through.

Otherwise this is Lawrence’s most mature — and most difficult — film to date, and though she’s up to the task, she cannot carry the troubling entire affair frame-to-frame.

3/5 Stars

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