REVIEW: Pitch Perfect pleasant, but slightly off key

This ending to the acapella saga that captivated a nation provides the closure fans of the Pitch Perfect franchise needed.

But that doesn’t mean this film was all that necessary. While funny and diverting, Pitch Perfect 3 is an unoriginal effort.

All the Barden Bellas are back, with no new flavour and very little character development.

The saving grace, however, is that Elizabeth Banks and Michael John Higgins return as show announcers, and truly bring life to the picture.

Though the schtick is old, the characters are affable and familiar. We know and love Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and all our leading ladies.

John Lithgow as Amy’s criminal father is also absolutely hilarious, and the musical numbers are wonderful.

Even if it’s a franchise worse for wear, it’s bright, good-natured and a toe-tapper.

3/5 Stars

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