REVIEW: Disaster Artist a satirical gem

This is a film that’s so good, it makes you want to immediately see the terrible film it was based on, if only to keep the dream alive a little longer.

James Franco is incredible playing real-life director and actor Tommy Wiseau, whose film The Room became one of the worst films of all time upon release in 2003.

Wiseau and his friend, Greg Sestero (played with wit and a relatable aura by Dave Franco here) made one of the most laughable films in the Hollywood lexicon, but in doing so created a cult classic.

But what makes this film truly work is that it’s more about the bond between these best friends than anything else.

The brotherhood Sestero and Wiseau share is truly the thing audiences will be smitten with.

It’s a shame this film is only nominated in the Adapted Screenplay category — it’s a difficult thing (for everyone else involved) that the scandal surrounding James Franco’s penis has derailed this remarkable comedy.

Because mark my words, this would have been the talk of the Oscars if it was judged on its merits as art alone.

4.5/5 Stars



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