A movie lover’s manifesto


I still remember my first time in a cinema seat.

As Disney’s Beauty & the Beast glittered and glowed to life in my local Fredericton, N.B. theatre, my two-year-old body was overcome with a sensation I can only equate to wonderment.

The fear of the growling beast, the magnificence of beautiful princess Belle were not lost on me — even at that age — even if the transcendent themes were ahead of me.

Since then, I can’t even count how many films I’ve seen. It’s almost become a habit — the cinema an unassuming second home to a guy who loves to escape.

From modern classics to revived black-and-whites and film festivals, if the night out at the movies promises to engage and excite me, rest assured I’ll be there.

Now based in Halifax, N.S., I can see it all, from Beethoven to Blade Runner. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for flashbacks, reviews for both indie and mainstream pictures and your perfect source for film news and opinions, you’ve found it.

So grab your favourite theatre treats, lean back in your seat, and let Parker & The Picture Shows guide your film experience.

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