REVIEW: Father Figures brings back Owen Wilson, but not in classic form

Father Figures is your perfect Showtime afternoon movie.

It’s light, it’s simplistic, and it can be a lot of fun. But when you look at the credits of the talented cast, this certainly won’t be a standout for any of those involved.

Perhaps most disappointing is that this is Owen Wilson’s return to leading man status in comedy.

His last star vehicle, The Internship, also marked a disappointing re-pairing with buddy Vince Vaughn. The two were propelled into the stratosphere of comedy infamy with their film Wedding Crashers in 2005.

But I’m sad to report Father Figures is closer to the lacklustre former than the great, hallmark, modern classic latter film.

Ed Helms (also a far cry from his Hangover days) also stars, and while the leads are serviceable, they’re out-performed by supporting stars.

J.K. Simmons, Christopher Walken, Glenn Close and Terry Bradshaw are among the players here, and surprisingly, it’s comedian Katt Williams who steals the show.

See it at the cheap theatre, or see it at your home. But don’t spend too much on this one. It’s a whole lot more wasted potential than anything else.

2.5/5 Stars



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