REVIEW: Plummer, Scott work movie magic in All The Money In The World

Ah, the film that Kevin Spacey almost ruined.

When magnificent director Ridley Scott surgically removed the embattled Spacey from his latest picture, he recruited Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer to replace him.

After a series of reshoots on this J. Paul Getty kidnapping picture, this film was released just in time for Christmas.

Trust me when I tell you, Scott has done a whole lot more than a hasty slash job: This film is one of the year’s best.

It follows the real-life story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, and the refusal of his rich grandfather to bow to the demands of his captors.

While the whole cast delivers wonderful performances — including Mark Wahlberg and a stunning Michelle Williams — there is one man who runs the show here.

The insertion of Plummer is seamless, and he’s at his cruel, wicked best here. The Oscar nomination is well-deserved, and the only reason the oldest-ever acting nominee won’t win is because this has been an unbelievable year for film.

Ridley Scott has pulled off a triumph here, and his work and ingenuity has paid off in spades with this film.

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