REVIEW: It’s musical greatness and grandiose set-pieces for The Greatest Showman

Not since 2002’s Chicago have I tapped my toes, hummed the tunes and bopped my head with such delight in the theatre.

The Greatest Showman is not Oscar material, and that’s why it’s only nominated in Best Original Song, but it may just be the most inspirational and aspirational movie of the year.

Hugh Jackman is at his most handsome, charming and interesting here at P.T. Barnum, a lowly man with big ambitions.

He opens up a circus for the weird and wild characters of the world, much to the delight (and ire) of showgoers and townfolk.

With his protege (played by Zac Efron, in magnificent form here), and his wife (Michelle Williams, who was on fire this year), he tries to life everyone’s spirits and find a place for every lost soul in his show.

It’s uplifting, magnificent and a spectacular thing to watch. It’s also the most pleasurable film of the year.

4.5/5 Stars

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